thSALM3M65Sunbury Village is a neighborhood located in Pemberton Township, New Jersey with a population of approximately  300 families homes. Since 2010, Second Chance Outreach has been providing educational programs and supportive services for the youth and adults of the community. To strengthen the efforts of local churches and non profits currently serving, Won by One Community Partnership was formed to unified strategic effort. Won by One is a community based partnership formed  by local churches, non-profit organizations, businesses and agencies located in Pemberton Borough and Township. As a CDC its purpose is to develop strategies to address many of the housing, family and spiritual concerns of Sunbury Village.

Second Chance’s role within the community of Sunbury in collaboration with Won By One is to assist community residents to form an association. to become active in community concerns. This  association would take an active role in acting as a catalyst and take a lead position to address many their community concerns.

In addition, Second Chance would provide programs and services to support efforts to address community challenges such as safe streets, educational advancement, economic inequality and community stewardship.

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