Restoring Hope

Some say “Hope belongs to everyone”. For many who walk the streets at night in Camden seeking a place to lay their head cannot always answer that question. Some believe those whom are homeless are because the system failed them. Some have opinions the reason it is still a problem is because society has turn its back on them. But sadly to acknowledge, many walk the streets due to the self-inflicting wounds brought on by poor decisions or naive choices. But does the story have to end there. Many of us have made similar decisions but have been blessed re. Whether rich or poor, smart or misinformed. Everyone wants to resurrect their life for something better. New Visions Homeless Day Center is a place to that shines its light for all to see. A place of refuge where many can receive a meal, hot shower and counseling. But also a place where many who walk the street can receive love. New Visions last December moved into their new facility. Gone from the stained glass church that sat behind Cooper Hospital. Onto a new facility off of Broadway and Atlantic Avenue, ready to dispense what is needed by the least of these- simply hope.